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Poligage is pleased to offer expertise in ten key categories covering over 300 policy topics, geographies, political systems, industries, and government affairs issues.

Global Trade & Economics

Sample members of the Poligage Experts Network for Global Trade & Economics include:

Andrea Wu

Andrea Wu

Principal of Agility Strategic Consulting, Ltd

Elena Bryan

Elena Bryan

Managing Director at Pilot Rock Global Strategies, LLC

Holly Smith

Holly Smith

Holly Smith

Judy Benn

Judy Benn

CEO of Unalome Strategies

Peter Allgeier

Peter Allgeier

President of Nauset Global, LLC

Renata Amaral

Renata Amaral

American University Washington College of Law

Ryan MacFarlane

Ryan MacFarlane

Director at Crowell & Moring International - Washington, DC Office

Shawn Jarosz

Shawn Jarosz

Founder of TradeMoves, LLC

Key Areas Covered in this Category Include:

Trade - Cross Border Investment

Trade - Customs & Duties

Trade - Digital Trade

Trade - Dispute Settlement & Arbitration

Trade - Environment

Trade - Export and Trade Controls

Trade - Government Procurement

Trade - Intellectual Property

Trade - Labor

Trade - Preference Programs

Trade - Sourcing & Supply Chain Strategy

Trade - Tariffs & Exemption Programs

Trade and Economic Organizations - APEC

Trade and Economic Organizations - OECD

Trade and Economic Organizations - WCO

Trade and Economic Organizations - WTO

Trade Programs and Legislation

Economics - Demographics

Economics - Forecasting

Economics - Recovery Programs

Example of Services for Global Trade & Economics

Assistance with Customs or Duties Frameworks

Any organization operating cross borders has to deal with customs and duties frameworks, which often change due to evolving policy and regulation. Poligage Experts can assist with assessing and monitoring the customs and duties that may impact your organization, as well as develop strategies to minimize impact.

Trade Agreement Impact Assessment

Poligage Experts can help your organization understand the progress of trade negotiations and what the outcomes of the final agreement could be on your organization, and/or to interpret what a completed agreement means for your organization.

Dispute Settlement & Arbitration

Members of the Poligage Experts Network can serve as expert witnesses during dispute settlement and arbitration procedures, as well as to advise your organization on effective approaches to these efforts.

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